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Service guarantee

Service guarantee

Comprehensive service:
Shandong Gaotang County Qilu Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. has continuously worked hard and cooperated with customers to fully consider the interests of customers and established a complete service system to meet customer needs. Qilu hydraulic machinery service system truly provides technical support for troubleshooting, equipment maintenance, etc., and also provides you with a full set of technical solutions (from planning, design to equipment supply, brick factory commissioning), to teach you relevant technical knowledge, In order to improve your production capacity, help you get better market returns.
Qilu Hydraulics always regards customers as food and clothing parents, and customers are the foundation of Qilu hydraulics, the basis of survival and the embodiment of value. Qilu Hydraulics always insists on customer first and always considers the problem from the perspective of customers.
Service philosophy:
-- Realize customer satisfaction
With a customer-centric work style, strengthen service awareness and service skills, and win customer satisfaction with high-quality and efficient service.
-- To achieve effective service and continuous improvement of service content, and to pursue professionalization, standardization and diversification of services. Focus on active services and personalized services to create quality service and meet the needs of various customers.
--Strong technical support
To provide customers with comprehensive pre-sales technical support, after-sales technical support, to help customers improve their capabilities.
Pre-sales technical support: 
For the new brick factory to provide detailed product use technology, applicable models, preliminary and construction design, analysis of cost accounting and market prospects for customers.
Qilu Hydraulic Machinery provides "three guarantees" service for products and lifetime maintenance of products; over warranty period, provides paid services, and appropriately charges maintenance costs.
Qilu Hydraulic Machinery provides customers with equipment installation and commissioning, technical guidance, technical personnel training and other related services.
After-sales service commitment:
Provide a full range of services before, during and after the sale to resolve customer problems.
Establish a 24-hour technical consultation hotline to provide timely services to users.
The establishment of a customer data center to greatly improve the level of technical services, to provide convenient service information for the majority of enterprises.
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Before the purchase of the customer, the company will send engineers and technicians to the user site to plan the site and design the best process and plan for the user. After the purchase, the company will assign a special after-sales service personnel free of charge to arrive at the site to guide the customer to install and debug, assist the customer in planning and Manage the device until the user is satisfied. The company not only has a skilled and experienced after-sales team, but also closely follows the E-generation trend, creating a precedent for peer e-commerce, implementing Internet sales and tracking operations.
Before sale:
(1) Selection of device model.
(2) Design and manufacture products according to the special requirements of customers.
(3) Train technicians for customers.
(4) The company sends engineering and technical personnel to the user site to plan the site and design the best process and plan for the user.
(1) Acceptance of the product.
(2) Assist customers in formulating construction plans.
After sales:
(1) Freely assign special after-sales service personnel to arrive at the scene to guide customers to install and debug.
(2) Equipment installation and commissioning.
(3) On-site training of operators.
(4) After the complete set of equipment is installed, leave full-time technicians to assist the customer on-site production free of charge until the user is satisfied.